Instructions to put Kickin’ Cane Cover on your personal cane - DOES NOT FIT ON 4 PRONG CANES

Option 1   From a customer  I thought that I would let you know that I forgot about the instructions for 

putting the cover on the cane and didn't look at them until after I had it
put on.  But the way that I put it on, was to pull the rubber tip off of the 
bottom of the cane, put the cover on and then put the rubber tip back on.
I didn't have to take apart the cane and usually most of the rubber tips
will come off pretty easily since these are considered "replacement parts"
on a cane.  I had it on in just a couple of seconds:):):):)

Option 2  Count the holes between the black knob and where you have your cane height set at. You will want to adjust cane back to where you had it. Unscrew the black knob .Push down on round adjuster and turn & separate cane. Slide cane cover on upper section of cane toward handle- Tag on bottom. Reinsert lower section - screw black knob tightly (if you hear a rattle this is why- knob to loose) Slide cane cover down.