About me

             I want to use my DISABILITY (Multiple  Sclerosis) as an ABILITY   to help myself and others.  Instead of looking at canes as a negative lets look at it as a positive.    Let's match our cane cover to our mood. Accesorize  to match what we are wearing or change to your favorite color or NFL sport team. Just like Oprah likes her high heels and purse to match her outfit that is her accessory.  As we all know, we can't wear high heels but we sure can use our CANE as an Accessory.  


Help me help you.  I want to see that smile back on your face.  I will personally tell you I have had more compliments with my covers and never once with an aluminum pattern cane you buy.  When you go through your trials in life, I do understand I used a cane and now use a walker/wheelchair.  My daughter Jamie, helps me sew and mail out from Phoenix, AZ.  I sew and mail out from Yelm, WA